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Pharmacology 6th semester pdf notes

Hello friends, in this post I have shared an overview and download links of notes of Pharmacology 3 (BP602T) according to the PCI syllabus for B Pharm 6th Semester.

In the notes of Pharmacology 3 (BP602T), we have given two types of notes namely Handwritten notes and Standard notes.

Pharmacology 3 notes are intended to provide the basic knowledge regarding different aspects (classification of the effect of the mechanism, therapy therapeutic uses, adverse consequences, and indications) of medications that affect the gastrointestinal and respiratory system and infectious diseases, immunopharmacology, and, in addition, the basic principles of toxicology as well as Chrono pharmacology.

Friends In the Pharmacology 3 as per the syllabus copy of PCI B Pharm 6th semester, there are a total of 5 units in this subject.

Let us see what is in the syllabus of Pharmacology 3,

Download Pharmacology 3 Notes PDFs FREE

Click on the following download links below the names of the units to download Pharmacology 3 Handwritten Notes.

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