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Medicinal Chemistry notes pdf

Semester 4

Semester 4 || B.pharm Semester 4 Simplified Notes

   Subjects in SEMESTER IV:- 

BP401T – Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III–Theory
BP402T- Medicinal Chemistry I–Theory 
BP403T- Physical Pharmaceutics II–Theory
BP404T- Pharmacology I–Theory
BP405T- Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I–Theory
BP406P- Medicinal Chemistry I–Practical
BP407P- Physical Pharmaceutics II–Practical

BP408P- Pharmacology I–Practical
BP409P- Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I–Practical


        There is always more to learn when it comes to chemistry in pharmaceutical field. Pharmaceutical organic Chemistry-I and Pharmaceutical Organic chemistry-II in Semester 2 and Semester 3 respectively forms a solid base to understand more in depth in Semester 4. Until Now we must have studied only about 2D structure of the pharmaceutical molecules in Pharmaceutical organic chemistry course but that will change when it comes to Organic chemistry-III. 
        Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-III focuses more about the stereochemistry of the molecules indeed it will be studied in imagination only. For example:-repulsive forces in between two molecules etc. so it all works on our imaginations. We imagine the pharmaceutical structures in 3D point of view to study the Bonds, rotations, energies involved in it. 
        According to PCI, “Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-III imparts knowledge on stereo-chemical aspects of organic compounds and organic reactions, important named reactions, chemistry of important hetero cyclic compounds. It also emphasizes on medicinal and other uses of organic compounds”.
Study Tips:- Rule No 1 :- The required things to crack this subject is understanding  and Imagining the structures. Don’t just study and go, Study again and again till you understand what is happening in that molecule. Refer 3D images of the molecule in this Website. 
Rule No 2 :- Don’t byheart chemistry, practice chemistry. Best way to score more in this subject would be looking at the structures everyday. Practice the structures, write it down on a paper and look at it every morning.                                    

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Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-III Theory

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry e-Books


Unlike Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Inorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry is all about the chemistry of already existing medicines in the market. We will be studying about the chemical structures, mechanism of actions (MOA), Adverse effects (ADR) and how chemical structures influences the whole actions and stability of the Medicine. This makes the subject nightmare to students.
        To be honest, it’s really not easy to remember all the Rangoli (chemical) structures in mind if you study day before the exam. And I can assure no way in the industry they gonna help you until unless you do some research on it to synthesis new chemical molecule or drug out of it. So this the the nightmare for the students who want to just pass and a golden opportunity for those who wants to go more in their life. So focus according to that.
Study Tips:- Rule no 1:- One day before exam preparation never works well for this subject. Will feel like you studied the whole course and at the same time will feel empty about it. It will just evaporate if you don’t practice it. 
Rule no 2:- Honesty there is nothing much to understand from already existing chemical structure. Got to byheart the main nucleus structure to write remaining structures of the same category. 
Rule no 3:- Don’t byheart each and every chemical structure, practice the main nucleus structure and learn to derive remaining structures out of it. Best way to score more in this subject would be looking at the structures everyday. Practice the structures, write it down on a paper and look at it every morning.  

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