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Remedial Biology, As per P.C.I Syllabus for B.pharma 1st Semester

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About the Book: The Remedial Biology text book is designed to meet the needs of B.pharma students studying Biology for the very first time in their curriculum. It may also be useful for anyone studying basic Zoology and Botany. The language used in this book is so simple to be easily understood by the students with concepts. This book has been divided into fifteen chapters, covering fundamental concepts of characters of living organisms, Diversity in the living world, Binomial nomenclature Five kingdoms of life and basis of classification. Salient features of Monera, Protista, Fungi, Animalia and Plantae, Virus, Morphology of different parts of flowering plants Root, stem, inflorescence, flower, leaf, fruit, seed. General Anatomy of Root, stem, leaf of monocotyledons & Dicotylidones. Composition of blood, blood groups, coagulation of blood, Composition and functions of lymph, Human circulatory system, Structure of human heart and blood vessels exsectra. Each Chapter having key notes providing additional information. For better understanding and learning the concepts, we have included question bank also ―Multiple choice question & Test Yourself. We have used very simple diagram where the diagram is necessary to draw and learn for practice purposes by students. The intention behind writing this book is to provide comprehensive knowledge of first semester syllabus within one book. Finally, this book provides relevant and deeper context for students.




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