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Preface: In this edition, besides updating and expanding the scientific contents, the whole subject has been tailored specifically according to the needs of dental students. Readers may notice this, right from the first chapter till the book ends with practical exercises. The whole text has been redrafted in a simple and reader friendly language with adequate self-explanatory illustrations and tables. The major features that make this book useful, mainly to dental students and professional colleagues are 12 chapters that extensively deal with the clinical implications of different categories of drugs in dentistry. Hence, all the 12 sections end with a chapter on Implications in Clinical Dentistry. Section 13 includes six chapters exclusively on updated and applied topics of dental pharmacology; section 14 deals with some important but relevant topics like prescription writing, clinical trials, pharmaco vigilance, management of heavy metal poisoning and the drugs to be avoided during pregnancy, and finally Part 2, wherein only those practical exercises have been incorporated, which have the clinical utility in their practicing career. The students would also find a related information on anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology set forth at one place, along with the main text of pharmacology. “Tips to Remember” have also been provided at appropriate places. Embedded in the text are some similies in the form of short stories. These have been provided so that the students can conceptualize the complicated finer aspects of the topic more easily. The self-assessment question bank containing descriptive questions, short notes, explain why, and viva questions requiring one word answers have also been provided at the end of every section. Not only can the students, the faculty also make use of them for examination.




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