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Demystify Pharma Vol 1: An introduction to a typical pharma company: Written for the pharma professional by a pharma professional

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The pharma industry and its constituent companies have been enigmatic and mysterious for the general public. Any student or professional who desires to build a career in the pharma industry have found themselves struggling to understand how the pharma companies actually work and how can they best integrate themselves in these companies to build a solid, long-term, rewarding career. Difficulty in understanding workings of pharma companies is also widespread amongst seasoned, experienced pharma industry professionals. Most are good at knowing what their deliverables or functions is but are not very eloquent or knowledgeable about the company or industry as a whole. This knowledge is invaluable and critical to understand the organizational and industry ecosystem within which the pharma professionals operate.

Demystify Pharma series is designed to educate not just students, or entry-level pharma professionals but also experienced pharma professionals to better equip themselves with knowledge needed to navigate the pharma companies more efficiently with the right mind-set to succeed professionally.
Understand how a pharma company works within the larger context of the healthcare industry.
Learn which are the core functions and which are the enabling functions in a typical pharma company.
Build a better understanding of what deliverables need to be worked upon in various departments in a pharma company.
Lastly, understand the interdependencies that exist between various functions and departments in a pharma company and how they work in close synchronicity.

Topics covered in the book include:

Healthcare industry, patient and the pharma industry
Structure of a typical pharma company
Research and Development in a pharma company
Drug commercialization including business development, sales, brand management and marketing
Market access including pricing, reimbursement, health economics and outcomes research.
KOL interactions and medical affairs
Manufacturing, distribution and drug supply chain
Pharmaceutical product lifecycle

Each function-specific chapter explains:
Role of functional area as connected to the mission of the pharma company
Stakeholders for the functional area or department
Types of deliverables that this function or department works on
Leadership profile
Typical career path within the department
Skill sets needed to enter and grow in the department
Global vs. local opportunities for working in this department

Students preparing for careers in the pharmaceutical industry will also find it extremely effective in orienting them to their chosen field, and the industry as a whole.

Demystify Pharma is designed to build stronger understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and the inner workings of a typical pharma company. Any professional who either works or intends to work in the pharma company can utilize this book to build better awareness on the subject and improve their career progression in the pharma industry.




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