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B.Pharm 8th Sem Pharmacovigilance questions bank

The pharmacovigilance questions bank contains all the important questions covered by the syllabus of Pharmacovigilance b pharmacy 8 sem.

Long Essays 10 marks
Define pharmacovigilance.

  • Discuss in detail reporting and management of ADRs along with causality assessment scales
  • Discuss in detail the setting up of a pharmacovigilance system in a hospital
  • What do you mean by Vaccine Pharmacovigilance?
  • Discuss in detail Passive and active surveillance for a vaccine safety study
    Define Adverse Drug Reactions.
  • Classify ADRs with suitable examples.
  • Explain the mechanism of Type-B adverse drug reactions
  • Explain in detail comparative observational research as tools for vaccine safety studies
    Discuss in detail the establishment and operation of a drug safety department in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Define ADR. Discuss in detail the detection and reporting of ADR
    Discuss in detail spontaneous case reports and case series
    Explain the drug information sources and give the specialized resources or ADR
    Enumerate the different methods of causality and severity assessment of ADR and explain the WHO scale
  • Explain the establishing pharmacovigilance program in the hospital
    Discuss in detail passive surveillance and active surveillance.
  • Explain the drug event monitoring program
    Discuss the causality assessment of ADR.
  • Explain Naranjo scale
    Discuss in detail of Cohort and case-control study
    Explain the applications of MedDRA and standard MedDra queries


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