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    Pharmacy Books Pdf

    Pharmacy Books Pdf

    Pharmaceutical Inorganic chemistry notes pdf

    Pharmaceutical Inorganic chemistry notes pdf

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry Solved sample paper-3

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry Solved sample paper-3 A medicinal or pharmaceutical chemist researches and creates chemical compounds for use as drugs. By applying chemical research techniques to isolate natural healing agents or develop artificial ones, these chemists play a vital role in...

    Pharmacology and toxicology solved paper-2019

    Pharmacology and toxicology solved paper-2019 The main difference is that pharmacologists analyze the effects of therapeutic drugs on the human body, whereas forensic toxicologists examine the effects of toxins when a crime or poisoning has been committed, in order to...

    Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Solved Papers 2020

    Pharmaceutical jurisprudence is the study of rules and regulations of pharmacy, pharmacy practice and also relating to drugs and pharmaceuticals. Pharmacists, pharmacies, drugs and pharmaceuticals are regulated in every country.

    Pharmacology and Toxicology Solved Papers-1

    Pharmacology is the scientific discipline that studies the mechanisms by which drugs alter biological systems in an attempt to improve health and alleviate disease, whereas toxicology is the study of mechanisms by which drugs and chemicals in the environment produce unwanted effects.

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry Solved Papers-2

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry Solved Papers-2 wp-1649138082124Download

    Chemistry Laboratory Instruments

    Chemistry Laboratory Instruments or Lab Instruments Lab EquipmentERLENMEYER FLASK.BEAKER.TEST TUBE.VIAL WITH CAP.Glassware- used for measurement. VOLUMETRIC FLASK. GRADUATED CYLINDER. PIPET. BURET.Equipment often used in Titrations. RING STAND. BURET CLAMP. UTILITY CLAMP.Miscellaneous. FUNNEL. WATCH GLASS. CRUCIBLE TONGS. GLASS STIR BAR....

    Limit test for Chloride practical

    limit-test-lead_3Download Limit-test-Arsenic_2Download Limit Test of Chloride   Principle: Limit test of chloride is based on the reaction of soluble chloride with silver nitrate in presence of dilute nitric acid to form silver chloride, which appears as solid particles (Opalescence) in the solution. Procedure: Test sampleStandard compoundSpecific...

    D.Pharma 2nd Year Sessional Exam Papers

    D.Pharma 2nd Year Sessional Exam Papers   D.Pharma 2nd year 1st sessional.docxDownload

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